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Connecting hearts since 1988...

M K ANANDA CLUB is based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The club was established in 1989 by the local Bengali community. The club has been  organising Durga Puja in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire for the 30th running Year. The MK Ananda Club is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1152284).

Durga Puja

In the ancient times, after a long period of meditation, a demon named “Mahishasura” earned the favour of “Lord Shiva”.

Shiva was so pleased with the devotion of the demon that he blessed him with a boon that no man or Deity would be

able to kill him. Empowered with the boon, Mahishasura started his reign of terror over the World. People were killed mercilessly and even the Gods were driven out

from heaven. The Gods went to Shiva for relief and informed him about the atrocities caused by the demon. Shiva, who is normally unaware of the happenings in the material world, became very angry after hearing all this. This anger came out in the form of an energy from Shiva’s third eye and concentrated to form a woman. All the Gods who were present there contributed their share of energy to this Goddess and thus Durga, the eternal mother, was born. Riding a lion, she attacked Mahishasura. After a fierce battle, Durga transformed into Devi Chandika, the most ferocious form of the Goddess, and beheaded Mahishasura.

What Bengalis Believe

Uma, the only daughter of king “Daksha” and queen of Himalaya, “Menoka” started worshipping “Lord Shiva” from her very childhood as her “would be husband”. Shiva was so pleased with her worship that he offered to marry Uma. But There was a problem, Uma’s father Daksha disliked “Boundule” Shiva dressed with only a apeice of cloth made up of tiger-skin and ash all over the body. He strongly protested the marraige between Uma and Shiva. Though Uma forcefully got married to Shiva. But Daksha prevented her from going to Kailash with her husband. Then Daksha planned to insult Shiva. He invited everybody in a “yogga” called “Daksha Yogga” except his son-in-law Shiva. Then Uma was so shocked and hurt that she stopped eating and after fasting for so many days she died. After knowing all these things Shiva got mad with anger became furious, he went to Daksha’s abode. He lifted Uma’s body on his shoulders and started dancing madly called “Tandava Nritya”. The dance was so severe that the world was on the verge of destruction.

The God Narayana came forward to save the world from destruction. He cut Uma’s body into peices with his powerfull “Shudarshan Chakra”, the peices were scattered through out the country. The places where the peices had fallen known as “Shakti Pits”(energy pits). Some of such places are “Kalighat” in Calcutta, “Kamaksha” in Guahati etc. Shiva was finally appeased when the last peice fell off from his shoulders. Uma got a new life from Narayana and she went to the Kailash with Shiva. Daksha realised his mistake and appolosised to Shiva. Shiva forgave him finally. Since then, Durga with her four children and two “shokhi”(friends) Bijaya and Jaya used to visit her parents every year during the autumn(Sharatkal) when Durga puja is celebrated. Thus the other name of durga puja is “Sharodotshob”.