About Us

Milton Keynes Ananda Club was formed by nine enthusiast Bengali families in Milton Keynes in the year 1989. In course of time, this small organisation has grown in to a registered charity and its membership has branched out to Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire counties of England predominantly representing the Indian diaspora with roots in Bengal.

It is a non-profit, socio cultural organisation with the main objectives of engaging in educational, cultural, sports and charitable initiatives. It seeks to preserve, promote, and celebrate the multi-cultural aspect of India. One of our goal is to infuse our rich cultural heritage into the vibrant local community which is a conglomeration of cultures and traditions; and to showcase the tradition and depth of Indian culture to foster better understanding and appreciation.

We organise and coordinate various events and our annual programmes feature: seasonal festivals such as autumn festivals – Durga puja (Dusserah) and Kali puja (Diwali) and spring festival (Sarasvati puja); summer barbeque with sports and fund raising activities and winter fund raising dinner to support causes of selected charities. We also support local health care services and our local councils to influence our local population by promoting health, lifestyle and social educational messages.

Our other two important accomplishments which help us fulfil our core values include featuring vocal, instrumental or performing arts talents from India as well as our in-house talents from the UK and organising and participating in both outdoor (cricket tournaments) and indoor (table tennis/Badminton) sport activities. We also participate in diverse cultural programs that are spear-headed by other local organisations.

As a charitable organisation, our entire staff consists of volunteers with no compensated management or staff. It consists of members who believe in our values and goals of the association as laid down in the Constitution and have joined it by agreeing to pay the required annual subscription to support the objectives. The executive functions of the organisation are performed by the Executive Committee elected by, from and among the members for two years. There is a Board of Trust that governs the policy matters of the association.

MK Ananda Club is just our name, what we do and aspire to do is not limited by the boundaries of our origin, ethnicity, religion, culture or location. We encourage participation of anyone interested in getting assimilated with us and try to create lifelong memories and perennial friendship via our interactions and events.

Welcome to the world of MK Ananda Club!