Online events of 2020-21

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Online events of 2020-21

MKAC Events 2020-21

Here is a list of online events / LIVE streaming organised by Milton Keynes Ananda Club (MKAC):

  • MKAC Cultural Extravaganza 2020 – Part 1 on 27th October, 2020: During lockdown 2020 – MKAC members performed & captured & compiled some clips and created this MKAC Cultural Extravaganza 2020. This is part 1.


  • MKAC Cultural Extravaganza 2020 – Part 2 on 1st November, 2020: Milton Keynes Ananda Club members and friends present a virtual cultural program where participants from all age group show case their talent. The entire program has been compiled and put together by our very own cultural team.

  • MKAC Diwali 2020 Cultural Extravaganza, 15th November, 2020: We are grateful to all the artists for their love & support.

  • MKAC BIG BOYS Present – Zoom Drama – Lockdown E Lokshobhed (17th November, 2020): Lockdown E Lokshobhed – Is a Zoom Drama, entire drama shooting was through zoom video conference.
    Script & Direction – Sudipta
    Video Editing – Sumit

  • Diwali Dhamaka 2020 Part 2 (22nd November, 2020).

  • Santa’s Fantasea by MKAC Kids (20th December, 2020): Christmas Performance by MKAC kids – Santa’s Fantasea 🎅 an online event of Proyas Community Learning “Christmas Chimes 2020”.

  • All I want for Christmas is FOOD by Milton Keynes Ananda Club Kids (20th December, 2020): All I want for Christmas is FOOD by Milton Keynes Ananda Club Kids.

  • MKAC presents ‘Welcome Spring 2021’, 7th March 2021: Milton Keynes Ananda Club are ‘Welcoming Spring 2021’ to raise funds for Barnardo’s because vulnerable children need care in this pandemic.

  • Bosonto Utsob 2021 on 28th March, 2021: The Spring Festival, Bosonto Utsob 2021 Live Streaming on Sunday, 28th March 2021 at 8:00 PM BST.